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Schwinn AC PRO


Accommodate SPD cleats/regular running shoes (Hard sole preferred with good support)


(it rocks!) - Inner Soul takes pride in offering the best spin music mixes in town.

Indoor Cycling, often called “Spinning”, is a group exercise class done on stationary bikes.  During the class, the instructor simulates a ride and together you will travel on flat roads, climb hills, jump, sprint and race!  It is one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular fitness with very low-impact on the joints of the body.  At Inner Soul you can cycle all year round – regardless of the weather outside!  All levels of cyclists are welcome in any class, because you control your speed and your tension levels. Running shoes OR cycling shoes with SPD clips are required.  Padded bike shorts are recommended for comfort.

Our classes:

1)  Beginner Spinning (4o minutes)

Learn the basics from our friendly instructors, from how to set up the bike to basic hand positioning and understanding terms like “sprint” and “jump”.  Still a great workout for any level student, but a little shorter than our regular classes.  Give indoor cycling a try in our beginner class and surprise yourself!

2) Spinning (1 hour)

Master Spinning Instructor, Murray, closely follows the Mad Dog Training style.  Focusing on proper cadence, speed and above all FUN!  You will get a great, high energy workout with low impact to your joints.  Great class for all levels of Spinners!

3) Total Body Spinning (1 hour)

A fun and intense cardio class that will make you sweat, strengthen your legs, core, and back. Lindsey has a very unique style in which she uses small hand weights to incorporate a total body workout. It’s a great way to tone the upper body while keeping the heart-rate up.

This is a great class for all ages and all fitness levels as you are encouraged to work at your own pace and build the strength and endurance you want.

4) SPOGA – Spinning & Yoga. 2 CLASSES for the price of ONE!

We will take you through all of the regular hill climbs, sprints, flat roads and  jumps WITH some upper body exercises with hand weights…  followed by a much needed stretch with a lovely Flow Yoga class.  The best way to get yourself a Strong Body & Peaceful Mind

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