Wendy’s Workshop- Saturday September 7th @ 4PM

Wendy’s Workshop- Saturday September 7th @ 4PM

Wendy is back in town!!

She wants to lead you through a chakra vinyasa flow asana followed by a Guided Meditation & intro to the Chakras Philosophy to deepen your Practice.

Sat September 7th 2019



The purpose of this workshop is to explore, connect, and balance the energy centers of your body known as “Chakras”. In this 2 hour workshop we will explore the philosophy of each Chakra. We will practice asanas (poses), pranayma (breathing techniques), and dhyana (meditation) that are connected to each Chakra.

Are you ready to shake your body, stimulate your mind, and open your heart to find the balance you are looking for? Let’s discover what is lying underneath your layers. 

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