Lindsey Roos (Owner & Spinning Instructor)

After Lindsey discovered Inner Soul years ago she became instantly addicted to spinning. Victor became like a mentor to her and inspired her to become an instructor. Lindsey now has her MAD DOGG certification and offers fun, high energy classes with a wide variety of music.Her positive attitude will encourage you to push yourself to the limit each time you climb on your bike and you'll leave every class with a smile on your face. Victor and Lindsey started their Total Body Spinning classes which incorporate upper body exercises using small hand weights. Promising to maximize your workout and keep things fresh and new

Claudia Lepore (Owner)

Claudia has always lead an active lifestyle playing a variety of sports. She played highly competitive soccer which included playing for her hometown's Carleton University. Playing soccer is how her journey at Inner Soul began. After partaking in classes with her team, she fell in love with the studio and it's energy. A few years later she began working at the reception desk. After her multiple years of experience and knowledge, she decided to make her position permanent. In 2018, she became co-ower with Lindsey. Using her background in business, new and exciting ideas will be brought to the table to help further Inner Soul's success.

Our Spin Instructors

Murray Kronick

Murray Kronick

Murray is a very active multi-sport athlete and instructor. He has obtained the MAD DOGG Spinning Level 3 certification (the highest level before Masters), so technique and form are very important and Murray will often coach and encourage participants one-on-one. Somehow he manages to squeeze in time for his day job – as a senior management consultant with Interis Consulting in Ottawa. He is also very involved in his professional associations – the Performance and Planning Exchange (PPX), the Certified Management Consultants of Canada as well as with his alma mater, Concordia University Alumni Association.

If you are Spinning in order to train for an actual outdoor cycling trip, then Murray is a wonderful resource! He has been Spinning and road cycling seriously for over 8 years, and last summer completed a 2-week long cycling trip through Germany, Denmark and Sweden. He has cycled the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island twice. He has also written articles on local Olympic athletes, TriRudy and other topics for Healthwise Ottawa magazine. “http://www.healthwiseottawa.com”

Natalie Timbers

Jesse Saikaley

Michele Dostaler

Our Yoga Teachers

Shannon Parker


My take on yoga empowers you to Take Charge, Relax & Recharge and sometimes all 3 in one class!

Set aside your to do list & make room for the “you” list. Whether you need to find the YIN to your YANG, challenge yourself in a HOT POWER, get back to basics with a HATHA or wind down to a WARM FLOW she has the class for you!  Even dip your toe in & try SPOGA – 1/2 hour spinning, 1/2 hour yoga. If you have ever felt overwhelmed, stagnant, imbalanced, lost, tight, sore or looking for a different path one of these classes is the prescription you need. Shannon’s non-competitive, light-hearted approach allows for a co-operative, untraditionally challenging practice focused heavily on alignment & practical poses as they relate to everyday life. I will see you on the mat!.

Meghan H

“I am an Ashtanga-trained Yogi, living right next to Canada’s capitol in Gatineau, Quebec. About 10 years ago I took a Yoga class in school, and a few years later it became a part of my day to day life.

Fast-forward a few more years and I was off to Bali, Indonesia, for my Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training. I had no idea that I was in store for the most intense 17 days of my journey thus far.I am excited to bring these Eastern traditions into the Western Yoga world, including the physical practice of Asanas, Mantra Chanting, Pranayama and all other limbs of Ashtanga. Through the strict, heat-building practice of Ashtanga, I was also able to study and be trained in Power (Hatha) Yoga and Yin Yoga.

I hope for my students to find peace and calmness through their practice with me, while working to their limits and constantly finding a new edge. I encourage my students to come to class with an open mind, open heart, and leaving the rest of their day outside the door.”

Maureen Mark (Yoga Tune Up)

As a driven career profession, Maureen has explored many movement modalities to manage stress.  When health issues threatened and intensive cardio workouts failed to bring her blood chemistry back into balance, Maureen turned to yoga in 2009 and hasn’t looked back.  Her Ashtanga and Yin practice balanced her body and soul. Maureen discovered the delights of Yoga Tune Up® in 2011 which led her to teaching private classes. Maureen is now a 200hr RYT yoga teacher and Yoga Tune Up® instructor.  Maureen loves to share her knowledge of how the body moves and is continuously expanding her knowledge. Her classes are a blend of movement, restoration and rehabilitation


Kilee Mercuur

Christine McMillen

Christine McMillian

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